My Mother Goddess Belief

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Although the celebrations
I do are all of celtic origin,
I am not merely a beliefer in celtic religion.

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Celtic Goddess

All incarnations of the great mother I do worship, so do I believe in all mother religious beliefes as they are one with only different shapes and of different times.

The great mother has always been there, she was with us from the beginning.

Over the eons she had many names and many cults, but she remained always the same.

There were the mother beliefes of the stoneage, the babylonian, the indian, the persian, the celts, the greek, the roman, the egyptian and so on.

Every civilisation, every culture worshiped the great mother in the her aspects of growth and destruction,
the mere female powers, the powers of nature.

Now this may sound a little too scholarly and abstract to be a believe.

But if you do look inside yourself -like I did- you will feel that she is there within us, around us and in everything that grows, is,
dies or lives on this plane and all the others.

Cretan Mother Goddess

Sekhmet, Bast and Isis, the Egyptian triple Goddess


However she may approach you,
is not the important question, in what shape, in what kind of religious beliefe, dosen't matter to her.

The important thing is to worship her, to be aware of her and her creation - this world in all its beauty and be thankful.

She came to me in her celtic shapes,
but for you it might be different.

I do believe that all her shapes and all her incarnations are still there and can be empowered again by worshipping them.
So try the one that appeal to you the most.

So just to state what I do not believe,
I do not believe there is only one right way to worship her, nor do I believe that there is one true religion. Religion has and had always different shapes and different cults, but the mere spiritual power, the believe itself is what counts to me, nothing else.


Inanna, the Sumerian
Mother Goddess


To believe one has found the right and only way to spiritual life and enlightenment makes one very impatient if not intolerant to others.

 But I believe we should love each other, learn from each others believes, to finally realize that no matter what shape believe has, its from the same origin - the mother. Intolerance has brought us the burning times, the destruction of so many wonderful religions.

Christianity has done a good part on that one.
So I have to state that besides I was raised catholic ( and even they have their mother holy mary), I do no more consider myself christian at all.

Pagan might be the right word, wiccan isn't, mother goddess beliefer suits me the best.


Mother Goddess

I would like to spin a net of tolerant, believing
and loving people all over the world,
but then that is an aim far beyond my possibilities
and powers, but it is an aim to work for and I try to contribute to it in my own little way.

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