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What it means to me to be a pagan


As a "new" pagan I have to justify me and my believe again and again. Why ? People tell me , I try to escape rationality, science and the world of technology. I would try to escape into a selfcreated religion that works on the Patchwork principle and my own needs. And even if this would be true, what would be so wrong about it. (which it is not)

I hold many religions for sacred and do believe that every religion is trying to give answers to the questions that move mankind: What is it all about ? Will we live on ? Why ? The old religions -it doesn't matter if you think of Mesoamerican religions or old European religions at this point - had a different way to look at things, at creation, at the earth itself. They felt the different powers of nature, the gentle ones and the destructive ones and gave them names and manifeststations as gods and goddesses. They had a deep feeling of the truth, that we are not masters of nature but part of it.

In my opinion today spirituality and faith have been pressed to the edge in our society. They are almost at the edge of the absurdity, because something you can't touch, can't count and cannot be proved by science simply doesn't exist at all.

There are certainly few pagans who would like to go back at the "good" old times. Who wants to be without car, telephone or computer and spend most of his or her thoughts on how to make a living ? But nonetheless I want back in some other way.

We should question whether our point of view of the world and our life attitude,our attitude to nature or creation is the right The conception of the superiority of the man over nature, which we rule by rationality and the power of technology.

I for myself don't know any separation of rational and irrational or actual and mystical. For me worshipping some old goddesses or even talking to them (and getting answers !) is as rational and as real as my computer, my car and my phone. For I - as all beings - am moved by the same inside powers that moved the people in the past. In accepting that I am not the crown of creation but a part of it, I realize what my duties are: Taking care of mother earth, its creation and handling all things (living and so called dead things) with the respect they deserve.

In this inner search for a new way the study of old religions or even converting to some degree to them can be very helpful. At least it was for me. The striving for the whole which fulfills all religions, is for me, trying to be one with mother earth and her creation. It is the deeply felt perception that we don't stand outside nature and her laws. The ways of our ancestors ( I hold all past cultures as ancestors to today) are buried in the past before Christianity came into being. Don't mistake me, Christianity has -as every religion- good parts and there are many paths on the way.

Of course I don't live or practice an old religion as it was practiced in the forgotten past. What would a religion be that does not change with the people, their feelings and their lifecircumstances or the movement of time. It would be dead. My spirituality permits to let others come to word, to listen to others and to study together. Because I don't think that there is only one golden truth, only one answer and not only one way to believe at all.

I try my best to integrate the old ways in my modern life. To regain some of the views people in the past had, to feel some of the connections with mother earth again, which we lost in our only believing in technology and modernization. I search the realization of my own relativity. An abolition of contrasts, a harmony with the flow of things, a harmony with the laws of mother nature.

I close with a sentence of an "modern" Aztec: Nature has made nothing square, everything is round in nature. Nature knows no end and no beginning, everything is a circulation in nature.