This is a samhain celebration,
I wrote some years ago: 

At Samhain we celebrate
the connection of Dagda and Morrigu.

The male and female become one.
The powers of earth and spirits are unbound.

Open are the doors of the horizon,
unlocked are its bolts.

Now everything good will have its benefit.
Now everything bad will have its doom.

It's the day of judgment over all and everything.
We purify today, what is unsaid, must be told.
What is undone, must be done.
No evil shall stand between us and you. 
The raven of war flies high this night.
It has the power of judgment.
What is good shall be granted,
what is bad shall be destroyed.

We become one with the earth, the nature and thy spirit.

In this time of darkness
and coming death and transformation,
we pray to thee:

Thou shall give us a new spring,
thou shall give us a new time of sun,
thou shall give us a rebirth,
like thou will give rebirth to nature in spring.

Oh Morrigu, do not strike us with thy harsh sword.
Oh Morrigu, let death and destruction pass us by. 
Oh Mother, lend us thy helping hand
and guide us through the coming times.
Hail to thee, our Mother Goddess.
Oh allmother nature,
Oh Morrigu with thy highflying raven.
Oh mother of all wars,
Oh goddess of darkness,
Oh Queen of revenge,
thou has come to us this night.

The time has come,
the spirits are unbound.
Good and evil has its flight over the darkened sky.

We pray to thee for an ending of all wars.
Thou are the goddess of groth and destruction.
Thou unit in thee the balancing powers of nature.

...(left something out)

We pray to thee,
spare us with thy anger,
spare us with thy striking force.
Give us a sign, thou be patient,
that thou be satisfied.

...(left something out)

Now thou are here
with all thy arms and all thy gifts.
Spare us with thy arms. Spare us with thy anger.
We fear thy arms.
We fear destruction, war, starvation, illness and death.
Give us thy gifts with loving hands, give us thy sweetness.
We love thy gifts.
We love childbirth, growing, fruitfullness and love.


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