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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa on her deathbed

"Mother Teresa was a personification of mercy and compassion, reaching out to alleviate the suffering of millions the world over," the Indian cabinet said in a resolution. "India has lost one of the greatest social workers of all time."


All the religions of the world have taught one simple lesson, over and over again: Love. All other teaching is simply commentary on that simple but nonetheless difficult lesson. Perhaps that lesson is the lesson to be learned in this great Game of Living and Dying. If that is the Lesson, then, let us remember one example of truly living a life of sharing with others and loving the whole human race as well as the whole earth: Mother Teresa.


My tribute to Mother Teresa:

I am sad for your parting from this earth for you truly were a good human being and a great woman.

I pray that you may rest in well deserved peace in the outer worlds until your beautiful and rich spirit may come again down to us.

May your extraordinary humanity and your life filled with caring for others and helping the needy be an example to all of us. You surely tried to make this world a better place and if your spiritual attitude towards the world and the message of your life are kept well in memory, maybe it will change.


Looking at your life and work, one needs not to be a believer in what you believed, to truly and hearty worship your personality. You were an example of what religion, no matter what's its name may be, should mean and be:


I hope and pray that your life and work remains unforgotten, that you may rest know - well deserved- from all your hard labours, and that your work may be continued in your way by others.

May your spirit come down again into this world, the world really needs souls like you.
Let us all try to learn a little from your example.

In silent thought

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